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App::Doh - An easy way to document a project using Markdown


   # Start the server in the background
   bin/doh-daemon start

   # Stop the background server
   bin/doh-daemon stop

   # Options help
   bin/doh-daemon -?


This documents version v0.15.$Rev: 3 $ of App::Doh


A simple microformat document server written in Perl utilising Plack and Web::Simple

Configuration and Environment

The configuration file options are documented in the App::Doh::Config package

The command line methods are documented in App::Doh::CLI

The production server options are detailed in App::Doh::Daemon

App::Doh::Server is the Web::Simple based application server

The request object Web::ComposableRequest represents all that is now about the current request



   $value = App::Doh->env_var( 'name', 'value' );

Class method which is an accessor / mutator for the environment variables used by this application. Providing a value is optional always returns the current value


Exporting APP_DOH_DEBUG and setting it to true causes the development server to start logging at the debug level to var/logs/app_doh.log

Starting the daemon with the -D option will cause it to log debug information to the file var/logs/daemon.log and the application will also start logging at the debug level

The production server logs requests to the file var/logs/access_8085.log



There are no known incompatibilities in this module

Bugs and Limitations

There are no known bugs in this module. Please report problems to the address below. Patches are welcome


Larry Wall

For the Perl programming language

Justin Walsh

For from which App::Doh was forked


Peter Flanigan, <>